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Mindfulness Coaching & Consulting for Adults

Individual Services

Initial Consult 60 minutes for $89

Initial consult is a one-time appointment to allow your coach to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current needs and also assess for appropriateness of services. This is also a time you will receive general information about what to expect from our services. Additionally, we will use this time to discuss and tailor a coaching plan suited specifically to your needs. Your coach will take this time to gain an understanding of your personal goals, which will allow the coach to develop a plan to teach practical mindfulness skills that are relevant to the context of your life.

Individual Coaching Session 50 minutes for $69

50-minute individual coaching for one-to-one instruction and learning with a trained and experienced mindfulness expert. You will learn specific and concrete skills to utilize in the context of your own life. Your coach will assist you in finding practical ways to practice mindfulness and review barriers to your practice to help you problem-solve. This service is ideal for those seeking to learn mindfulness for stress management, improved health, career and family support.

Consultation Services for business, corporate settings, and schools

Business and Corporate Services

Would you like to invest in your employees? Looking to improve employee engagement? Reduce workplace turnover and burnout? Help your employees find effective ways to reduce stress?

Workplace burnout is common and oftentimes affects companies by increasing health care costs due to illness from stress and other costs related to turnover. Giving your employees seminars and events where they can learn how to reduce stress, improve mindfulness, increase interpersonal effectiveness, and generally improve their effectiveness in the workplace is an incredible gift you can give to the employees who keep your business running. Do not underestimate the value of investing in your employees job satisfaction and engagement. It pays off in dividends! 

School and Educational Services

Did you know that in 2019 the United Kingdom started incorporating the subject matter of Mindfulness as a part of core curriculum for school-aged students? Hundreds of schools implemented this as a subject to improve the mental health of youth by providing students with mindfulness tools and skills. 

If your education or school system might be interested in bringing in a trained, mental health professional that has experience in teaching mindfulness in small and large group settings, then we would love to discuss your options for services.

Fees associated with consultation services for business and school-based services vary. Please directly contact us for information at

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