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Mindful Generation Lancaster was conceptualized to provide Lititz and the surrounding Lancaster area with therapy and various mindfulness services by experienced and professional instructors and therapists. 

Our mission is to serve children, adolescents and their parents to learn practical, actionable skills. Informed by Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Yoga, Mindfulness, and Mind-Body connections.

The purpose of this mission is for children and their families to learn to regulate their own emotions so that they can more effectively communicate, connect, and cultivate emotional intelligence to build a lifetime of strong bonds and relationships. This a collective family effort.


These services advocate helping youth from a love-based, shame-free teaching versus punishment and power struggles.

We provide, and are continually developing, services such as mindfulness sessions for children and adolescents, mindful + positive parenting courses.

Gretchen Valudes, M.A.


Gretchen grew up in Northern Virginia. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology with emphasis in research. She went on to obtain her master's degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked in both clinical and research settings within the mental health field since 2006 in Washington D.C., San Diego, CA, and Lancaster, PA. She is experienced and trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is founded off mindfulness skills, and has experience in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (M-BSR).

She has worked in all levels of care in behavioral health: outpatient, inpatient, and other hospital-based settings, including the emergency department.

She is trained in trauma therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, and in process of obtaining Forensic Interviewing training to appropriately assess children and adolescents for trauma.


A mental health clinician by day, Gretchen has extensive experience and training in teaching and implementing mindfulness to both individual and group settings. She found that mindfulness was very effective in helping clients and realized that sharing the gift of mindfulness with the larger community was needed.

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